Why Don’t Parents Raise Their Boys As Sanskari Human Beings?

The sociologists might be crying and cringing at conferences and seminars about the plight of Indian women, but nothing concrete has been achieved in this direction. The problem lies in the patriarchal society that we live in, where boys are given unfair advantage over girls.

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Not very long ago, a man was considered to be the bread earner for the family and woman was supposed to look after the children and household chores. Things have changed since then. Today, working woman is a norm and in many families women are earning more than their male counterparts – thanks to the modern economy.

UnFair Treatment

But, Indian society is still unfair towards women. They put all the restrictions and onus of “Sanskars” on the lady that takes over as “Bahu” in her husband’s home. She is often the target of all verbal onslaught that sometimes turns into physical aggression as well.

Regardless, of whether she is working or not, she is supposed to do “Sewa” of her in-laws and husband. Even if she does something with a good intention, it’s often taken wrongly and labeled with Hindi words such as

“ Tez, Chalak and Hoshiyar 

At some places, she needs to take permission of her mother-in-law in virtually everything – even while ordering or doing something for her husband.

Nobody cares if you are hardworking, decent, beautiful, educated, and honest; a woman is a woman after all and she is considered to be a subordinate.

Social issues and discrimination is commonplace in India. In many households, the daughter-in-law isn’t treated like a human being, despite her commitment, love, respect, affection, and sacrifices for her husband and in-laws.

The Painful Account of a Working Professional

Continuous mistreatment and bad behavior completely shatters a sensitive and educated girl. Geeta(Name Change), 29, a working woman in Gurgaon narrates her ordeal. She works as an IT manager in a private company. She got married a year ago to a person, who was not working at the time. Sensing the situation, she often offered financial assistance even when her husband was out buying grocery. To this, her husband often came home shouting and hurling verbal abuses –

“ Ye Paise ka Robe Apne Maa-Baap ko Dikhana 

was his way to defend his ego.

Geeta shared an excellent camaraderie with her wannabe husband before marriage; they exchanged gifts and he treated her like a girl-friend. But everything changed after marriage. Her text messages were termed by her husband as “Rubbish”. Even her best efforts to perform “Sewa” of her mother-in-law in the form of giving her massages were snubbed by the old lady.

She didn’t even get the desired respect as a daughter-in-law. Her husband didn’t pay attention to her and it led her into severe depression. The conversations between Geeta and her husband got sore and he repeatedly used to say that

“ He Didn’t Like Her

He even went to the extent of saying that Geeta’s parents cheated on him.

Unhone Mere Saath kaand kiya Hai

Now can you imagine a person using such language for his sisters, when they get married?

Before marriage husband’s friends or relative asked her –

He is Extremely Shy in Nature”,

But After Marriage They Say –

“He is very Aggressive, Egoistic and Jatt Buddhi”.


While dealing with such situations, everyone advises the women –

Aurat ko Bahut kuch Sehna Padta Hai”,

but nobody says that men also need to be raised to be responsible and well mannered.

“ Sanskars are not meant only for the female gender. No one should be given an unfair advantage because of their gender.

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7 Effective Traditional Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Restaurant

One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.
                                                                                                    -Virginia Woolf

While promoting restaurant through offline and traditional promotional methods, you should keep in mind that it should be sustainable.

Make sure that you don’t over promise or over commit because that can lead to devaluation of your restaurant. Often, high expectations lead to frustration and disappointment, if they are not met.

Here is A Plan To Promote Your Restaurant Through Effective Offline Methods.

1. Target Your Customers Using Social Gatherings

For restaurants, it is extremely important to build relationships using traditional marketing methods and the best way to achieve it is to offer exotic food with new menu items.

traditional food


Display signboards, distribute flyers and visit your neighborhood to promote these social gatherings, which mostly fall on the weekends targeting working class.

2. Personally Introduce Yourself

Visit offices in nearby areas, wherein your customers and target audience can be found. Meet and greet these people, show genuine interest in them and their requirements and then introduce yourself and your restaurant. People will love it as they want quality food and someone they can talk to face to face.




Leave a flyer, so they can remember and visit your restaurant some day. The lunchtime is the best time for the nearby office workers. Visit them just before the lunch hours.

3. Offer Come-Back Coupons

You can utilize print media in a big way and issue come-back coupons to encourage return visits. Encourage loyalty and start with your visitors. Your dinner crowd is more likely to act and utilize your come back coupons. You can offer a discount or a combo meal on their next visit. Send coupons through social media, email or by post.


combo meal

4. Invite Birthday Customers

Implement a birthday program for promotion. When someone visits you the first time, ask your receptionist to take a few quick details including the contact details and birthday of the customer and save it on an online program or Google calendar.


birthday intivation


5. Arrange Contests

Don’t forget to try this old marketing technique, as contests and prizes are one of the best ways to encourage people to dine at your place.


contest images.jpg


6. Use Seasons and Festivals As Marketing Opportunities

Seasons and festivals are the best ways to promote restaurants and different food items on your menu. Festivals such as Holi, Deepawali, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Father’s day, New Year Eve and happy hours should be used to invite customers.

download (5)

7. Create A Feedback Board

Create a feedback board on your wall and encourage your customers to leave their feedback on it – negative or positive.






How Blogging Can Revolutionize Your Branding and Online Promotion

Food, travel, and lifestyle are the topics that lots of people are interested in online. If your business deals in any of them, it makes a lot of sense to have a robust online presence. The primary reason people are interested in these topics may be the busy life we are living, which brings monotonousness and boredom. People live such robotic lifestyles that they ignore the basic gifts life offers.


robotic lifstyle.jpeg


The Need of For Good Advice and Information

The poor quality of life brings with it lots of unwelcome guests such as dissatisfaction, fatigue, burnouts, and depression. Things like food and travel are some of the small gifts of life that can actually make a huge difference to your life.




These days the biggest pursuit of mankind is happiness, which has been majorly neglected and it’s due to increasing work pressure and other complexities of life. It is quite natural that people are now looking for the ways to improve the quality of life through better food, travelling and better lifestyle. That’s the reason good websites that are full of good advice regarding food and lifestyle, are attracting huge traffic these days.

However, the problem with the new websites is that they need to first promote themselves to attract traffic and increase search engine visibility.

Benefits of Blogging

Statistics prove that active blogs leads to around 58% more visitors and boost in search engine rankings.


analytics visitor


The blog for such websites should contain a lot of tips, ideas, tutorials and discussions on making healthy and delicious food, and living a healthy lifestyle. You can also hire freelancers and bloggers from outside to produce content for you so that you can create a rich blog with a variety of ideas and different perspectives.


Benefits of blogging 1


The secret behind a successful website is the active blogs that bring fresh visitors to it. Blogging is considered to be the best way to achieve success online. If you haven’t considered blogging to promote your website till yet, it is high time you should create a blog now.


Benefits of blogging


Enormous Benefits of Regular Publishing

Consistent publishing will soon bring amazing results in terms of traffic and visibility. A blog is always considered to be an extension of your website and it is something that always goes hand in hand with your branding efforts.


regular publishing

Provide Fresh Information and Insights

You can provide unique, helpful, educational and in-depth information through your blog and that is what the audiences need. A little research to know the pain points of your audiences will always help.


Provide fresh information and insights

Address Pain Points and Increase Sales

Try to address the pain points of your readers through your posts. You can also recommend your products through your blog and increase sales if you connect and collaborate with your community in a proper way. You can try promotional methods, sponsoring, giveaways and contests to win this battle.


Address pain points and increase sales

Life Is a Beautiful Book – Don’t Tear It Apart

Life is a beautiful book, all you need is to live it and enjoy it. But, why should there be a difference between life before marriage and life after marriage? It’s a common observation that life is full of romance and future promises before marriage, but trouble starts when couples get married. Most of the men start cheating on their wives – sometimes even leading to physical violence. It leaves you with a wounded soul!


Life is a Beautiful Book


Watch these videos and feel the emotions associated with such stages and instances in life and how the other person feels when it happens.

A Journey through Different Stages of Life and Videos that Beautifully Explain Them:

1. The best times in the life of an unmarried girl are the ones when she is staying in her parents’ home.  This time is characterized by unconditional love, carefree atmosphere, caring companionship of her family members, her friends and cousins. She needs the same kind of love, when she leaves her family and gets married.



2. Life is full of beautiful moments, but then sad moments are also a part of it. There are a few instances, when a newly married girl feels that her husband doesn’t love her, but then she is confident that it is a relationship made by God and there is a strong thread of love that binds them together unconditionally.  She hopes that someday things will improve and it pays off.



3. There are certain moments in life, when your faith wins. A girl falls in love with a boy, who has a bad reputation because of his public image and character. But, the girl is convinced that the boy has some intrinsic goodness in him and that he is the right partner for her. Her faith sees the light of the day, when her phone slips from her hand and gets broken. Desperate boy hurries off to the girl’s house and holds her in his arms – true love – isn’t it?



4. A girl can go to any extent to keep her relationship safe even if her partner is cheating on her. She knows that her husband has a fling with other women and yet she keeps mum, just to save their relationship, but she breaks down, when he crosses the limit and tries to get physical with her. She narrates how she knows everything about his illicit affairs and yet keeps silence.



5. Many times, in-laws behave badly with the newlywed girls. It’s extremely hurtful to watch someone behaving badly and being disrespectful toward the newlyweds without any specific reason. Men should take charge in such situations and prevent it from happening.



6. . When someone dedicates himself or herself completely to a relationship and finds that they are not getting the same commitment and love from the other partner, they are likely to get devastated completely.



7. Life often brings you to such crossroads, where you are not able to decide what to do. Imagine a boy getting annoyed when he gets to know that his wife is pregnant. The boy doesn’t want the child. It completely shatters the girl and she decides to end her life along with the fetus in her womb. A woman can never trade off, when it comes to the life of her child.


8. When a girl is deeply in love with her husband, it will hurt her to no end, if she finds him cheating on her. It’s the moment when she feels completely broken. See how a heartbroken person reacts and decides to walk out of your life forever and says “Mann Bharrya Badal Gaya Saara”.



So, don’t betray or hurt your life partner because she leaves her whole world behind including her parents and friends so she could be with you.


Enjoy The Mouth Watering Delicacies of India and Shout “Zindagi Bahut Khoobsurat Hai”

There is a strange relationship between culinary satisfaction and happiness. Certain foods give you happiness, as their ingredients have mood altering compounds. Sometimes, if you go without certain foods, you are exposed to a higher risk of psychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Despite little research in the field, scientists and researchers are studying the profound impact of delicious and healthy foods on our emotions.Apart from deliciousness, certain foods have the compounds such as serotonin that are known to increase our happiness index. Banana is the example.


People are always looking for the best cuisines, dishes and other delicacies, wherever they go in order to satiate there taste buds and palates. Indian people are typically drawn to delicious food.

Zindagi Bahut Khoobsurat Hai

Zindagi bahut Khoobsurat Hai” is the philosophy of life for the working people, who want to enjoy life to the core. They want to taste the most delicious foods around the world.

In India too, there is no dearth of the exotic local foods and tourists want to enjoy every bit of it. When you visit the length and breadth of this country, you will discover that certain restaurants and food outlets offer such an amazing range of foods that you wonder why you never knew it was available in your own country. It leaves people licking their fingers.


Mouth Watering Delicacies and Cuisines

Whether it’s Khan Chacha, Al Bake, Naivedyam or parathe wali gali in Delhi, or Kathi Roll at Zeeshan, Sarat Bose Road in Kolkata, you will be mesmerized with the exotic range of delicious foods available in India.

The ancient hunter gatherer humans were mostly focused on survival, but it is now proved that there is a pleasure seeking circuitry in our brain that is activated by the smell and sight of delightful food. Have you seen Western tourists enjoying “tikkis” and “pani puris” at the road side vendors and kiosks in Delhi and Jaipur?



Humans by nature are pleasure seekers and the elements such as salt, sugar and fat acts as potential reward drivers. It is caused by the pleasure neurotransmitters such as dopamine that are released by these foods.

Make Life Khoobsoorat

Scientists agree that we are genetically coded to gravitate toward energy rich and calorically intense food and that’s the reason we love curries and grilled, fried and crunchy foods.

Just a sight of some grilled or roasted food or Pizza is so mouth-watering that you feel difficult to resist the temptation. Modern life is so full of stress, but these foods have such a mood altering effect on your psyche that you forget about the unpleasant experiences of daily life for a while and want to immerse yourself completely in this “khoobsoorat” experience of life.

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Top 5 Online Food Ordering Websites and Apps and Their Commissions and Charges

Online food ordering businesses are sprouting up everywhere on the planet. The objective is to offer convenience and hygienic food to the office workers and families from their nearby restaurants quickly and efficiently. Usually, these apps and websites work on “Aggregator Business Model”.

Restaurtant Business Model

So, for these apps, service commission is often the source of revenue. These websites and apps act as hubs of restaurants and food outlets, which can be searched based on the location, cuisines and restaurants. You can also type in the location and search for the restaurants in that area.

Online Food

The Process Works Like This:

  • Select a food portal and look for local restaurants and cuisines.
  • Place the order, share delivery details and make payment online.
  • The food portal will deduct their commission and route the order to the concerned restaurants.
  • The order gets delivered by either the restaurant or its delivery partner.

The Five Most Popular Food Ordering Businesses Are:

1. FoodPanda

FoodPanda is an online food delivery business based in Germany and running its operations in almost 22 countries worldwide. Around 27000 restaurants are listed on the portal in 193 cities. FoodPanda is a clutter-free app that offers the food of your choice from the nearby listed restaurants. FoodPanda charges a 10–15% commission on every order online. It’s 25 % flat for order and delivery by FoodPanda. They charge Rs 40/- per order in case you have got it delivered by FoodPanda previously. It charges from Rs. 3lakhs to 5lakhs to host your products. To register online with FoodPanda, click this link.

2. Zomato

An Indian food portal that was launched in the year 2008, is currently used in 23 countries including the US, UK, Portugal, South Africa and Australia. Over one million restaurants are listed on it. Apart from general information about food outlets, it also provides you the reviews, ratings and feedback about different restaurants. At present, Zomato charges 7% commission from restaurants to list them in its network, but you will be charged separately for the payment gateway and delivery. However, the app plans to stop charging commission from restaurants with higher order volumes soon. To register with Zomato as a restaurant, click this link.

3. Swiggy

Swiggy, a food ordering and delivery platform, was launched by three engineers in Bangalore, India. It targets urban food lovers and office workers. It acts as a one-stop shop, which not only offers you access to different restaurants but also delivers food at your doorstep through their own teams of delivery personnel. So, there is no minimum order policy on any restaurant as delivery is optimized by Swiggy itself. With one order at a time policy, its delivery fleet is among the fastest. Swiggy charges 18% commission plus GST which makes it around 22-23%, but it may decrease with increasing volumes. To register with Swiggy as a restaurant, click this link.

4. Uber Eats

Powered by Uber, Uber Eats is a popular food delivery platform. The platform promotes menus of different restaurants through its app, website and other properties and channels. When you go for partnership with Uber Eats, you discover a new way to make money by reaching out to new diners and food lovers. To register with Uber Eats as a restaurant, click this link. To know Uber Eats pricing, click here.

5. JustEat

An online food ordering app that connects customers with takeout food outlets, JustEat is based in the UK and serves more than a dozen countries across different continents. It has 22 million active customers and more than 80, 000 restaurants in its network. Just Eat’s commissions range between 13-14% in addition to GST. To register with JustEat as a restaurant, click this link.